Sleep is a waste of time.

Quick bit before I hit the sack and get my usual 3.5 hours of sleep but somehow it feels as though I have nothing but time when I don’t sleep. Suddenly I seem to be able to get all my work done, really focus and hit those targets I normally miss.

Really not sure what this is as my whole life people have told me losing sleep is going to kill my productivity and basically make me miserable (okay on the miserable part they were right, but the former was absolutely untrue).

Who knows maybe it will catch up to me. Either way I can already feel it starting to suck my mental clarity away so perhaps that is what “they” really meant by the whole productivity killing thing.

Anyways point being, honestly sleep is such a waste of time. Imagine if you had an extra 6–8 hours in your day what all you could accomplish. Forget finding the fountain of youth, scientists should really be focused on finding a way to let humans forego sleep.

That’s it for the night, told myself I would write every day so here it is. TL;DR- sleep sucks and the world would be a much better (and potentially vastly advanced… imagine all the tech that could have been built in the time people spent sleeping smh) place without it.


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