Moving On.

Abhi Nayar
1 min readAug 10, 2017

I fucking see you everywhere

Though I honestly thought I

didn’t care

But it’s clear now & plain to me

That you fucked me up


Because though the silence,

the months, the pain

Come and go and come


I really thought I had moved on

Come to terms

that you were gone

Clearly not

I cannot lie

For still sometimes I want to


Though mostly now I float through


Guarding my heart with cold

sharp knives

And never will I make that mistake

Of giving myself to someone

to break

Because broken as I am right now

In my heart I will not bow

I will not let you scar me here

Not now, not then, not in a year

I will go on and find my path

And leave this twisted, fucked up


In the rearview mirror where it belongs

And tune the stereo to my favorite song

Curse under my breath and say

The way things are, are not the way they’ll


I’m moving on.