I awoke as the first wisps of morning light wafted in, sliced by the blinds. Still tired, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and turned over. I watched the beams float, ethereal. Dust particles appeared then disappeared, suspended in time, each illuminated for a fraction of a second. The sunlight dispersed throughout the room, imbuing a certain nostalgic feeling to everything it touched. I caught my breath as I watched it wash over her face, her hair bathed in golden shimmers. She lay tranquil, blissfully unaware of how beautiful she looked. Eyes closed, hair down, makeup undone, her mouth titled in a curious half smile. For a brief moment the world disappeared and there was only her and the light. I drunk it in. Drunk in the sight of her beauty, drunk in the scattered, sliced sunbeams, drunk in the timeless nostalgia of the moment, drunk in the emotion.


— Written sometime in 2015


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