Well, the title says it all — Recently put together a set of tips for my parents and figured they may be useful for the world. If it’s helpful happy to keep writing more! Good luck to all.

Here are the steps I would take as you sit down to determine a retirement investment strategy.

Do this exercise to really get a good grip on what your worst case scenario is. Many times the downside in our minds is MUCH different than the downside in reality — downsides are *rarely* uncapped and acknowledging that is important to free yourself to…

The Inherent Violence Of Nonviolence

Change never just happens, it is crafted, shaped, directed, and engaged.

Interesting times call for interesting thoughts. Interesting perspectives, interesting walks. One of these “interesting thoughts“ surrounds the politics of nonviolence.

As the events of the last few days and weeks have unfolded, the world seems to be bifurcated (yet again). There are those who decry the violence shaking our communities, choosing to focus on the actions of rioters and looters and their impact on “defenseless” neighborhoods.

Then there are others that are convinced that — after centuries of state-sponsored violence against marginalized communities — force is the only solution. …

Originally written April 2019, Published Jan. 2020 because I’m a dumbfuck

It’s 2 years since the first failure post. Linking it here for myself:


And 1 year since Pt. II:


It’s another year in the books. And it’s funny — I’m kind of in the exact same situation from last year. I just smoked a cigar (two days ago though, and have really cut it down!) and single-handedly finished off 1.5 beers (this is a WIP) and hit a vape pen a number of times (probably one time too many).

What’s happened since then?

Well, I’m on the…

She watched enthralled as they fell. The first few wisps of winter air nipped at her exposed ankles as she scrunched her scarf tighter around her neck. She was in her favorite place.

The lights, the sounds, the smells — even the freezing weather. They all brought back so many, many memories.

She let a flake float onto her palm, staring intently as it expanded to meet her gaze. That perfect crystalline pattern, infinitesimally small, yet repeated infinitely within. A beautiful, undulating, utterly mesmerizing creation. Shining bright, then melting away. Leaving but a trace.

As it melted, she thought about…

A sense of aggression burns deep. You’re unsure where from or directed at whom.

A sense of entrapment, wanting to break the boundaries, the confines. Then a realization that there are no confines but the ones you placed around yourself.

You want to fight something but there’s nothing there to fight. You want to blow things up just for the pleasure of watching the flames eat them. Relationships, lovers, friends, family.

You want to dip the fountain pen of life deep into your skin and etch the words and feelings from inside your head straight into the unblemished surface.


He stumbled around the corner, righting himself by the handle of his suitcase. His body was tired. His mind was worse. As he walked forward he felt his vision blur around the edges. This was nothing new, and was a surefire sign of cancer according to WebMD. Unfazed, he attempted to rub his eyes to clarity.

But they would not clear.

His vision blurred to a point where the tiny three letter codes on the screen above him looked like smudges of ink on canvas. The lady whose features he had been admiring only moments earlier seemed to lose her…

The stillness was what shook her the most. Not the screams — they came later. Not the pain — that was a constant. No. What really surprised her was the moment of absolute purity, that punctuated time between the very last blast and the first cries for help.

It was solitude.

A forgotten whisper of what once was and what never could be again. In those brief seconds the differences and divisions were forgotten. Anger and frustration wiped clean. It was raw, unfiltered humanity. It was the will, no, the need to live.

The lust for life unites us, she…

He sipped his coffee- bitter & black.

Headphones blasting rock he leaned back and stretched, taking a moment for himself. He watched the people around him. The baristas doing their best to keep up with the flood of customers.

Pump, pump, push, press, pour, fill, cap, repeat.

The mother bouncing her child on her lap while skillfully sipping on a peppermint latte. The others like him — heads down, shoulders hunched, staring at some seemingly important collection of pixels on a screen.

They were all so busy living. So delightfully busy living.

It was his private, fleeting moment. A moment…

It was 4AM.

There’s a saying that 4AM isn’t a time for lovers. 4AM is a time for broken artists to throw down their broken bottles and try again. It’s the time for the night owls to crack their knuckles and call it a day. It’s a time for hooded figures to roam and robed ones to wake.

But 4AM is not a time for love.

So when we found ourselves sitting there that night, in the front seat of your brand new car, I knew disaster was just around the corner. No aux cord, no FM, no conversation. Just…

He leaned back against the table, absentmindedly twirling his pen, blank notebook page in front of him.

He had painstakingly scheduled time on his calendar to “reflect”. Whatever that meant. Introspection, reflection, and their many synonyms all seemed like words people would not stop hurling around. And yet there existed such little advice on how to actually accomplish these things — to even ask seemed ridiculous.

How could someone else possibly tell you how to think about… you?

And yet, here he was, mid afternoon on a Saturday, trying desperately to find the words that would help him gain a…

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